Frequently asked questions

We provide you with a set of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Return program for used Play Up parts in good condition, in exchange for a credit of up to €30 for future purchases over €100 at the Play Up* online store.

  • How does the Take Back programme work?
    We want to extend the life cycle of Play Up clothes, so we allow online customers to return their used Play Up clothes in good condition. When we receive the used clothes at our collection centre, we create a payment voucher for you to use in the Play Up online shop. We accept the vast majority of Play Up clothing.
  • Can I return any Play Up clothing?
    We accept almost all clothing purchased from the Play Up online store, but exceptions exist. We do not accept swimwear, underwear or accessories (blankets, diapers, bibs, hats, scarves, caps, beanies, gloves, socks, among other accessories).
    TAKE BACK programme users must return Play Up items purchased from the online store if they want a refund.
  • Which items cannot be accepted?
    Due to technical limitations we can't trace previous pieces so we are only able to accept Play Up pieces purchased from the online store from the Fall-Winter 2018 collection. We cannot accept items that respect the above condition but do not meet the remaining minimum requirements. Therefore we will not accept items in the following conditions: Damaged/modified: items with visible problems are ineligible. Examples include, but are not limited to: holes, damaged zips, pinholes, scratches, heavy fading; lightly burnt items; items with damaged accessories; items with corrected hems, patches or personalisation even if inside the garment. Dirt: in the first phase, the pieces received are subject to a screening carried out by our professionals, so dirty items will not be considered valid for reimbursement. Please note: to be accepted, returned items must keep the size information intact. Items without this label or not in good condition for second-hand sale or recycling will not receive any exchange value and will not be returned.
  • What conditions must Play Up items be under to be eligible for the Take Back programme?
    We want garments that are worn but not dirty. Please inspect the clothes for damage or defects, remove any belongings from the pockets, and wash them before sending them. This will make it easier for our team to sort the items and issue your voucher as soon as possible. Items that do not meet the conditions of the TAKE BACK programme will be recycled by our responsible recycling partners and will not be returned.
  • How can I send you my used Play Up parts in good condition?
    Start by filling in the Take Back form, on the programme's dedicated page, to be printed and placed inside the return box. The box used for shipping must ensure the proper packaging of the items being returned. Go to a post office or to your preferred carrier and send the package to our recovery centre address: ETFOR - Empresa Têxtil S.A. Av. Margarida Queirós, 301 4740-438 Forjães, Esposende Portugal. We advise you to keep the shipment?s tracking number to prove the delivery to our facilities.
  • How much can I receive for my item?
    You will receive €5 per item in good condition returned through the TAKE BACK programme, to be discounted in purchases in the online store (see the previous question). In other words, if you send us 2 Play Up items in good condition, you will receive a €10 voucher discounted in purchases in the Play Up/Recircle online store. If you return 3 items in good condition, you'll receive €15, with a limit of 6 items per shipment.
  • Where and when can I use my refund voucher?
    You can use it on any purchase above 100€ in the Play Up/Recircle online shop, except for promotional products (Outlet section, promotional seasons/sales). Your discount voucher will be active for one year after issue.
  • Can this voucher be combined with other discount codes/vouchers?
    No. This voucher cannot be used with any other special offers.
  • When will I receive my refund?
    Once we receive your returned items, we will check the contents and compare them with the form you have filled in to issue a refund. Within 30 days, you will receive an email with the voucher code and amount you can use for any purchase in the Play Up/Recircle online store, except for promotional products (Outlet section, promotional seasons/sales).
  • Will I always get a refund for the items I return?
    A refund voucher will be issued if all the programme guidelines are followed. However, confirmation of the refund will only be processed after receipt of the items in our recovery centre and validation that all items comply with the conditions of the TAKE BACK programme. Please note that returned items will not be returned if they are not eligible for a refund.
  • What if I don't agree to a refund?
    Before sending, we ask the TAKE BACK programme users to check the items to be returned thoroughly to ensure they are in good condition to extend their life cycle. Please read the programme?s conditions and only send us items you no longer need. Remember that we do not return items sent to the TAKE BACK programme.
  • Do you return items that are not within the parameters of the programme?
    No. We do not return items sent to the TAKE BACK programme to avoid the environmental costs associated with an additional and unnecessary transport step. In these cases, Play Up will ensure the safe disposal of the items, either by recycling or incineration as a last resort.
  • Is the Take Back programme valid for all countries?
    Yes, any customer of the online shop may return their used items to our recovery centre. However, we warn customers from non-EU countries that we are not responsible for customs clearance if the item is held up at customs.
  • Can I use my credit at the second-hand shop?
    Yes. You can use your credit for any purchase above 100€ in the online store, except for promotional products (Outlet section, promotional seasons/sales).
  • How can I ask other questions about the programme?
    Please contact us if any of your questions are not answered in the FAQs. This will help us complete as many frequently asked questions about the TAKE BACK programme as possible. Send your question to