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Washing Tips

All PLAY UP’s garments contain labels with washing, drying and ironing advice. To get the most of your child’s clothes, please always follow the advice given.



Before you wash the clothes, make sure there are no objects left in the pockets. Turn the garment inside out and lift the collar. Separate the clothes by light and dark colours. Pay special attention to colourful clothes when washing for the first few times as the colours may run. Do not use too much detergent and choose one without bleach.

Machine wash

Protect delicate garments by putting them in a net bag.
Avoid overloading your washing machine.
Make sure you select the correct temperature. If in doubt, use colder temperatures.
Do not leave colourful items inside the drum of the machine after washing.

Completely dissolve the detergent in the water.
Always use cold water.
Avoid leaving the clothes in the water for a long time.
Do not scrub clothes too much.
Rinse thoroughly.


If you are not sure whether your garment can be dry cleaned, ask your laundry service provider.

Drying outdoors - Clothes should be dried inside out and should never be exposed to direct sunlight, especially dark coloured clothes.
Tumble drying - Do not use the dryer with wool, acetate, viscose or mixed-fabric garments.

We recommend ironing clothes inside out or with a cloth to protect, especially if there are printed images.


Pen: Soak the stain in a mixture of water and alcohol for a few minutes.

Glue: Remove any glue that is sticking out of the fabric. Next, rub the stain with a cloth soaked in acetone (except on materials containing acetate, triacetate or modacrylic).

Rust: Apply a solution of lemon juice and salt. Leave on for about two hours and rinse.

Mud: Let the stain dry and then brush it off. For tougher stains, gently rub the stain with alcohol and then add a little liquid detergent.

Chewing Gum: Place the garment in the freezer inside a plastic bag for about an hour. Then gently remove the chewing gum using a knife. To remove the mark, rub the affected area with a cloth soaked in acetone (except on materials containing acetate, triacetate or modacrylic).

Grass: Rub the affected area with ethanol and allow it to dry. Wash with soap and water. For tougher stains, soak the stain in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (10 volumes) and water at a ratio of 1 to 3. Use a bleach detergent to wash it.

Blood: Rub the area with cold water and salt. If the stain is large or if it is dry, soak the garment in cold water with plenty of salt.

Ink: Wash immediately. Old stains are usually impossible to remove. You can use a solvent with an absorbent base.